About Us

WAVS Custom is an innovative music tech company dedicated to fine craftsmanship and better listening alternatives. Our patented process, allowing customers to 3D scan their ears from their cell phones, has made custom-fit earphones & IEM’s accessible and affordable for the first time ever. Since our launch in early 2020, we’ve turned the custom-fit listening market on its head and have been overwhelmed with the support we’ve received and the needs we’ve been able to fill. 

Each set of WAVS is digitally processed and handcrafted here in the USA. Our goal is to always provide a state-of-the-art product and a personalized experience for our customers through our open-door approach to doing business. Attention to detail is the key, and every order is personal to us.


Ric Hoke

The inventor of WAVS Custom. He started developing the product a few years ago after administering music therapy to individuals suffering from Alzheimer's and early-onset dementia. Ric noticed that their headphones would often fall off or fit too loosely on their ears. After seeing how expensive the custom earphone market was, and how difficult it was to be fitted, he dedicated himself to developing a new solution—and WAVS’ patented technology was born. 

Ric has a Communications degree from College of Charleston and a Music Business degree from Full Sail University. Prior to WAVS, Ric was a digital ads specialist at iHeart Media before he began studying the effects of music on Alzheimer's as well as 3D technology.

Chief Operating Officer

Ben Norwood

Ben Norwood serves as the Chief Operating Officer at WAVS Custom. His background in music and manufacturing make him a natural fit to lead daily functions of the company.

Ben has a degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Auburn University. Prior to WAVS, Ben worked in manufacturing and finance in the textile industry.


Peter Linnik

Peter Linnik serves as the head of manufacturing at WAVS Custom. He got his start in California with a business 3D printing miniature figurines. His experience in tech is invaluable to the advancement of our product and processes.