Superior Comfort Thermo Plastic Ear Tips

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Introduce your ears to unparalleled comfort with our Superior Comfort Thermo Plastic Ear Tips! Specially crafted from high-quality thermo plastic material, these ear tips offer a flexible and snug fit, enhancing your audio experience and ensuring lasting comfort for extended listening sessions.

  • Adaptive Fit & Comfort
  • Enhanced Noise Isolation
  • Hygienic & Easy to Clean
  • Universal Compatibility
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed


Choose the size that you use in silicone or other material tips. If not sure, choose MEDIUM.

Fits IEMs with 4mm to 5mm tubes.

🌟 **Revolutionary Comfort**: Embrace the future of personalized listening! Our Thermo-fit Ear Tips are more than just an accessory; they're an experience. Crafted with advanced thermoplastic, they promise a journey of unparalleled comfort.

🌡️ **Heat-Responsive Design**: As you immerse in your favorite tunes, our ear tips adapt to you. They uniquely mold to your ear canal's shape, responding to your body heat. It's not just a fit; it's your fit.

👂 **Custom-Fit Perfection**: Forget the one-size-fits-all approach. Our Thermo-fit Ear Tips are designed for you, and only you. They contour perfectly to your ears, ensuring a snug, secure, and ultra-comfortable fit.

🔇 **Superior Sound Isolation**: Experience audio clarity like never before. With a fit that seals in sound, you're guaranteed an acoustic experience that's as pure as it gets.

🎶 **Redefining Listening**: Join us in a new era of audio comfort. Thermo-fit Ear Tips - where cutting-edge technology meets the ultimate in ear comfort. Welcome to your tailor-made audio journey. 🎶

  • Custom Fitted

    WAVS Custom-Fit IEMs are a high-performance product, designed and fitted uniquely to your ears.

  • Hi-Fidelity Audio


  • 3D Scanned

    It’s simple. After an order is received, we will send an email to the address on file with instructions and a link to our proprietary application.